Dwarf Seahorses - An Amazing Aquarium Addition

Author: Trevor Joyce       Date: 2011-09-06

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As a child we can remember if we were lucky to walk the beach, we would find a seahorse washed up on the shore. It would make us sad as they are fascinating and amazing and now you can enjoy providing a home for the dwarf variety and enjoy hours having your eyes on your home tank.

The Tank

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So let's start with finding the future home of your dwarf seahorse. It depends on how many pairs you want but bear in mind that your dwarfs breed often and you might just want to start out with a ten gallon tank with a good filtration system.

The Substrate

You will want to use sand in black or white. Although dwarfs live in grass beds on the ocean floor, 1-1/2 inches of fine sand is a good start. Sand can have numerous benefits as stabilization and cycling. Buy your 'live' sand from a reputable dealer and make sure it is not collected from other live systems or from the ocean. You don't want to bring hosts into the aquarium that will grow and hurt the dwarf seahorses.

The Filtration

Spend time in choosing the filtration system as baby dwarfs and the adults will get sucked into the intake of the filtering system. Many hobbyists divide their tanks and use sponger filters and make sure the intakes are protected with pantyhose or a very small fine pored sponge. This will prevent suck-in.

The Decoration

Dwarfs love to hitch along something in the tank and remember they are 'horses' and want to wrap their tail around something. You might want something live but if your just starting out, go with plastic so you don't bring anything into the tank.

The Cycling

Don't bring your dwarfs into an un-cycled tank. They must have their home ready and waiting with good hitching posts, proper filtrations and a cycling tank that has held your patience. You can easily process by adding a piece of shrimp or frozen mysis (fresh water shrimp) and let it decay. Building up the ammonia is important which is how the cycle will begin. Don't use household ammonia. During the process, test every few days and you will see the ammonia spike up to a point and then the nitrate readings will increase. This process will take about 4-6 weeks to get the new home ready. Add a day of food to the tank and see that the ammonia and nitrate levels stay at zero. Then you are ready to add your dwarfs and follow proper quarantine procedures so nothing will be placed in the tank that you have worked at to prevent.

Adding Your Dwarf Seahorses

Tank is already, and now you must find that dealer that will give you good stock. Check around with different breeders, aquarium shops, online, and do your homework. You have come far and placed a big investment of time. You will so be able to sit in front of your tank and observe the tranquility and behavior of your dwarf seahorses.

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