Dwarf Seahorses - An Amazing Aquarium Addition

Author: Trevor Joyce      Date: 2011-09-06

Keywords: dwarf seahorses,dwarf seahorses aquarium

As a child we can remember if we were lucky to walk the beach, we would find a seahorse washed up on the shore. It would make us sad as they are fascinating and amazing and now you can enjoy providing a home for the dwarf variety and enjoy hours having your eyes on your home tank.

The Tank MORE>>

A Short Introduction to the Shubunkin Goldfish

Author: Donna Abreu      Date: 2011-09-06

Keywords: shubunkin goldfish

If you are thinking of getting your very first pet goldfish the Shubunkin goldfish is a great choice; especially for kids and beginners. These are beautiful and graceful fish that have an unusual but beautiful coloration that you will certainly love.

The Shubunkin goldfish is one of the most sought-after breed of the pet fish. This breed was developed in Japan in the latter part of the 19th century, hence the Japanese name of the breed, but there are also different varieties of this breed of fish namely the American, London, and Bristol Shubunkins. MORE>>

Interesting Facts About Clownfish

Author: Kelli Heilmann      Date: 2011-09-06

Keywords: clownfish facts, about clownfish, clownfish information

There are several facts about clownfish that have helped them in becoming one of the first fish many hobbyists choose for their saltwater aquariums. Well before Disney gave the saltwater industry a shot of adrenaline with the release of "Finding Nemo", clowns were already one of the most popular captive marine fish due to their vibrant colors and hardiness. These fish are also well-known for displaying odd, yet entertaining behavior. Such behaviors include abnormal sleeping positions, an equally abnormal swimming style, and the capability to change their sex. It is these types of actions, along with their coloring, that led to these species earning the moniker of "clowns". MORE>>

Fish With Transparent Head

Author: William Williams      Date: 2011-05-11

Keywords: clear fish deep water bizarre

The Long Journey To World-Wide Popularity - The History of Koi

Author: Frank Z Rogers      Date: 2011-09-06

Keywords: koi history, history of koi,

For centuries in the days before our understanding of chemistry there was the search for a process that would turn some common metal into gold. Charlatans for centuries sought deprive the wealthy of their riches by promising the secret that would make any man abundantly rich. The amazing story of a few simple fisherman in Japan who learned how to turn a very drab looking fish that was almost worthless into what is now a world-wide trade of very expensive fish. It is hard to imagine that anyone would pay scores of thousands of dollars and in some cases even hundreds of thousands of dollars for one single fish! Today in the world of Koi there are real treasures and some are willing to pay for them. In a sense these simple fishermen achieved what charlatans for centuries were never able to achieve, turn a simple fish into gold! MORE>>


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